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Building a New House in Sydney

Building a New House in Sydney - Deciding Between Builders

Every home builder is a bit different, you want to compare them to find out which one you would like to build a house for you. We give you tips on what questions to ask to find out exactly what you are getting and which deal suits you best.
  • Often, each builder has a certain style that will be carried through their entire range of homes. Note what you like and what you don't like and you may narrow down your list of builders significantly
  • A display home will generally have two prices associated with it - the base price and the "as displayed" price. In other words, the features included in the house for the price you are being quoted are often simply not as nice as what you are seeing on display. Check what you are actually getting and compare the homes you are considering on the basis of that.
  • Note that some features of a display homes are simply not included at all in the price of the home. Examples include flooring, window coverings and light fittings. Find out costs of such features and factor them into your budget.
  • The pricing system of a house varies from one builder to another. Features that may be included by default by one builder may cost extra when included by another builder. It won't necessarily be the case that one builder will automatically include much more than another, but the features included will often be different - ask lots of questions to find out exactly what is included, that way you'll know which builder automatically includes the maximum number of features that you specifically want.
  • The pricing system of a house can be complicated. Be prepared to visit a few builders more than once to get a full understanding of what you are getting for your money.
  • Builders constantly have special offers running. For example, one builder may offer a choice of several features of which one can be included for free. These can overlap with default or additional features provided by a different builder. Be sure to factor in these special offers when comparing different builders.
  • Even after comparing pricing systems, included features and any extra features you want, the final cost of the home is affected by your block of land. For example, the slightest slope to the ground will require cutting or filling, a cost not included in the base price. Any significant fill can create a need for piers to be placed into the ground - another extra cost. Removal of trees will cost extra. All of this can cost as little as a thousand dollars or two, or much much more. You will not know what these extra costs are until the builder has done a survey of your block and prepared a preliminary plan. The survey and plan will most likely cost you money - usually a deposit that is then counted towards the total cost of the home. Try to avoid paying more than one lot of fees for this stage of the analysis and figure out everything else you can that would help you decide on a builder.
  • Ask the builder how long it will take to build the house. Some will take a few months longer than other - and this will not always mean they do a better job. The longer it takes to build your house, the longer you may be paying rent to stay where you are while waiting to move in.
  • Make sure your budget covers features that will only be decided once contracts are signed. For example, the base cost of a house only permits a certain number of power points and light fittings. It also only covers the most basic types of taps, towel rails and benchtop materials. The choice of building materials is limited - you may need to pay extra to get a type of brick you reasonably like. Check what options are included in the base cost. Check what sort of price range is attached to upgrading the features that are particularly important to you.'s subsite on building a new house in Sydney is relevant to people interested saving time, money and incorrect decisions when building a new home.

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