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Building a New House in Sydney

Building a New House in Sydney - Highly Recommended Additions to Your Project Home

With just a few additions to the plan of your project home you can increase the value of your home and make your house work much more efficiently for you. Read on to find out some highly recommended additions and how making changes before you start building and you will save yourself time and money in the long run.

Here are some changes we recommend. They will improve your home and increase its value, all with a minimum of hassle and a lower cost than you might think.

  • For a few thousand dollars, your house can have an extra garage, for example a double garage can be turned into a triple garage. We highly recommend getting a garage than can hold one more car than what you have (or intend to have). The extra space can be turned into a storage area, shed or workshop. We live in a suburb where many people have double garages and two cars, and most often one of the cars is kept out on the driveway - after several glimpses inside these garages as we drove past we found out why - there is too much stuff stored in the garage to fit the second car in! In addition, in our suburb, anyone building a large shed must use the same materials as those used for the house itself - easier to build an extra garage straight away!
  • If you think you'll want to add an extension to your home in the years to come, see if you can find a few thousand dollars and add an extension to the plan of your project home. This can be done at a lower cost than an extension would require later. Also, you can be sure of the materials matching - even if the materials in question (e.g. a particular colour of brick) are available later on, a different batch cannot be guaranteed to match what you already have. You'll also save on the hassle of trying to get council approval for the extension later on.
  • We highly recommend making the ceiling higher in the downstairs areas. Note that in most display homes the ceiling height downstairs will be higher than the default. This change costs a couple of thousand dollars and makes a huge difference to the feel of the rooms. The default ceiling height is quite claustrophobic in comparison. This is not such an issue for upstairs areas, or rooms that are usually upstairs in a two storey house such as bedrooms.
  • Create extra storage whenever it's easy to do so. For example, extra storage space can be created under stairs. If there is no access to this space in the plan a door can be added, this cost us one to two hundred dollars.'s subsite on building a new house in Sydney is relevant to people interested saving time, money and incorrect decisions when building a new home.

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