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Garden owners (and indoor plant lovers) now have a large choice of nurseries and garden centers in Sydney to choose from. We review these and other places to buy plants, irrigation and other garden supplies. If you have anything to add, please use the comment form at the bottom of this page!

Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings contains a large garden section, both in plants and garden equipment. They have a particularly large selection of irrigation supplies. Overall the prices are very good, and the range is good. If you are needing advice then perhaps a specialist garden center would be a better option. If you are willing to research your purchases on the internet prior (and after) purchasing, I do recommend Bunnings as a good place to buy garden supplies and plants. Some Bunnings have a much larger range than others, so it is often helpful to use a large Bunnings such as Bankstown airport Bunnings.

A good tip for Bunnings is to look out for tube stock. If your plant is available as a tube-stock plant, you can save a lot of money by buying plants this way.

Kmart Garden Supercentre, Casula.
The Kmart garden Supercentre at Casula is Sydney's other low price large garden center. The prices are similar to Bunnings and the range is remarkably different... different plants and different brands. You can usually find reasonable horticultural information at Kmart as well. Whilst Bunnings has a larger range of irrigation supplies, Kmart has perhaps a slightly better range of plants in general.

Kmart also do have garden sections in their department stores. Although these are nowhere as big as their garden Supercentre, they can be useful at times. Kmart also stocks tube-stock, which is a good way to get plants cheaply. I have bought a few Toona Australis (the native red cedar) which are doing well, and are probably my favourite tree... I haven't seen them in any other garden center.

Flower Power, Tim's Garden Centres and Gardens 'R Us.
These two chains of nurseries are specialist garden centers. Both have a good range of plants and other equipment, but do not tend to stock much garden furniture. Their prices are generally more expensive than Kmart or Bunnings, but the plants are often of slightly higher quality, and the staff are often more knowledgeable.

These garden centers also sell bulk garden soil and mulches. This is why I use these garden centres when I do.

Eden Gardens
Eden Gardens is a new garden center near the start of the M2 (north Ryde). Its prices are similar to that of other garden centers. The range of plants is possibly the largest in Sydney, for a retail nursery.

The small nurseries

There are many smaller nurseries in Sydney. There is not enough space here to review them all. Most are similar to the chain garden centers in price but with a more limited range.

Other garden suppliers

Sometimes rural or livestock supply stores can be useful for gardeners. I make good use of Condell Park Produce (44 Simmat ave, Condell Park) during their Spring sale. They stock fertilizer (garden master, grass master No 17, dynamic lifter, Shirley's No 17, etcetera) in bulk size that are much cheaper per unit weight than the smaller bags available at the cheap garden centers. I also buy bails of hay from there to mulch the garden.

Wholesale nurseries

If you can get into a wholesale nursery, or know someone who can, these can be a good place to go for low prices and a large range. They are generally not much cheaper than Bunnings or Kmart, however, if at all!

On the internet

Buying plants and other equipment on the internet can be very good. The plants often come straight from the growers and are generally much healthier as a result. You will need to know the climate of your suburb well in order to get suitable plants. I have made good use of the specialist grower Bamboo World who provides a lot of good quality information on their website, and sells and delivers quality plants at good prices. I have plenty of clumping bamboo (mainly Bambusa Oldhamii) in my garden and I recommend them! Other places such as Garden Express (was Bulb express) specialize in bulbs. Their prices are not always cheaper and their plants not always healthier (in my findings) than Kmart or Bunnings, but I will still use them for some plants.

Obviously I have not tried every online nursery, so your mileage may vary, but I have generally had good experiences so far.

Of course it is always possible to buy irrigation equipment from the internet, but I haven't found somewhere much better or cheaper than dropping into my local Bunnings. See our irrigation in Sydney page for more on irrigation and watering systems.

Specialist Nurseries and growers

As stated above, I have had a very good experience with Bamboo World, using the internet. There are, however, some more local specialist nurseries. The most unusual nursery I have ever been in is Palms Are Us, 45 KING STREET, ROSSMORE. Being a specialist nursery in Sydney, they know exactly what palms can and cannot survive in our climate.

Where to buy what?

If you research your plants beforehand on the internet (and I strongly recommend this) and are willing to take notes when visiting a nursery and then return another day to purchase (after internet research), I find that Kmart Garden Supercentre and Bunnings Bankstown airport are the way to go for almost everything. I do buy my fertilizer in bulk from Condell Park produce, and occasionally plants elsewhere when I want a hard to find plant.

For rainwater tanks, see our page on water tanks in Sydney, buy a large one (9000l+) and get it installed!

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