Tips for Sydneysiders.

Saving Sydney Water.

Discussion of various methods of saving water... those that save significant water and those that don't! We have already discussed the advantages and disadvantages of rainwater tanks in Sydney.

In General

In general a tap running flat out in Sydney will use about 20 litres of Sydney Water per minute or 1200 per hour. This works out at about $1 per hour. Saving one litre here or there doesn't do much for the individual finances, but of course it still adds up to less water used across all the people who live in Sydney.

Some ideas we consider good.

  • Shorter showers
  • Water saving shower heads - if you don't take longer showers to make up for it.
  • When changing water in a fish tank, use the water on the garden.
  • Water saving (half-flush option) toilets - 30% household usage on toilets, so halving this is very effective.
  • When turning the hot tap on, put a bucket in the sink to catch the cold water while you are waiting, then use the cold water for something else. If you are willing to do this, well and good, though you probably save $0.005 each time. If you already do everything else on this list you may want to try this.
  • Water less frequently but more each time you water. This encourages plants to develop stronger roots. this eventually leads to not needing to water as much or as often. Of course, don't let anything get too dry!
Some ideas we consider not so good.
  • Trigger nozzles - In my opinion they waste more water than they save on my garden! I always have my hose pointed at something that wants watering, so I don't need to turn them off. Also, when the trigger does turn off the result is often hose disconnection somewhere along the line, which means wasted water. If you have plants in pots on a hard surface then they may help.

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