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Current Dam levels
% full 96.85
% change
Dams empty date (from 1-year differential)never
Sydney Dam Levels

Current Sydney Dam levels (and rainwater tanks)

Sydney's Dams: current water levels, graphs, statistics, simulations and much more. Current and recent rainfall on Sydney's catchments, specifically Warragamba catchment. Trends over the past few years. Comparisons between inflows to Sydney's Dams and Sydney's usage. Simulated affects of a desalination plant, or changes in Sydney's water usage. General information on Sydney's Dams. graphs and statistics on each of Sydney's dams... and much more. Also handy for anyone interested in rainwater tanks, irrigation, grey water tanks, watering systems using rainwater tanks and saving water in general.

Current Dam conditions
% full overall% change 1 weekSourceDate
estimate2012-04-28 @11:27
Sydney dam levels this month
For every 1 litre being used in Sydney right now, we estimate that 0.000 litres are flowing into the dams. For more details, see Sydney's water crisis this month (2012-04-28 @11:27 )

Data from Mittagong (center of catchments) updated hourly (mm rainfall):
2012-4-26 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 0
2012-4-27 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 0
2012-4-28 - - - - - - - - - - - - - 0
The official SCA rainfall on our biggest catchments, updated once a day, weekdays:
Catchment Rainfall (mm)
For more details on the past 7 days rainfall on all of Sydney's catchments, and how much water will flow to our dams from it, see our page on This week's weather and rainfall on Sydney's catchments.

Our Dam level analysis page is our most visited page. It shows in depth general analysis of short term trends (last few weeks) and longer term trends (since 2001) of Sydney's overall dam levels. The data is updated weekly when the SCA release their new data. Analysis includes:
Sydney's dam levels - Warragamba and the rest:
Sydney Dam levels
More on our Dam level analysis page.

On this page we analyse the relationship between Sydney's dam inflows and Sydney's usage over the past few years. For example: Sydney's inflow and usage:
Sydney Dam inflows and usage
More analysis and graphs are found on the Dam usage and inflow analysis page.

Firefox is a web browser that is more uptodate, standards compliant and fully featured than internet explorer. Users of Firefox can download our Sydney Dam levels Firefox extension to keep the latest dam level information handy (and some smiling water drops when it rains).

A nice graphical representation of Warragamba and Sydney's dam levels (and recent rainfall) on this zooomable, clickable, draggable, interactive satellite view of the Sydney catchment areas, made with the help and thanks of the Google maps api.

This page shows analysis of all of the dam levels (since 2001) of the individual dams in the Sydney dam system. Some of Sydney's catchment areas are closer to the coast than the Warragamba catchment, and so behave differently. On the individual dam levels pages you can see what is happening to each dam. The following graph shows the history of Tallowa dam, which is the important indicator within the Shoalhaven transfer scheme.
Tallowa Dam levels

On this page we discus Warragamba dam and its relationship to Sydney's dam system in general, and look at why the levels are so low currently.

The Carr government has proposed a desalination plant for Sydney (either 100ML/day or 500 ML/day). Our Sydney desalination plant page deeply analyses the impact that such a plant would have had on our dam levels if it had been in operation since 2001.
Sydney desalination plant impact

On our Reduced Usage Impact page we analyse what effect reduced usage by Sydneysiders can have on our dam levels including Warragamba. Water restrictions have so far reduced our usage by 12%. We analyse what difference a 20% or 50% reduction would have had on our dam levels if implemented from 2001:
Reduced usage on Sydney's dams

On our Shoalhaven Scheme page we analyse and discus the potential impact of the proposed Shoalhaven Scheme enhancements and what the impact would be on our dam levels. For example:
Shoalhaven Scheme impact

Our page on How to Save Water in Sydney examines techniques you can use to save water in Sydney. It also shows which methods make a significant difference, and which methods waste more effort than they are worth.

Our page on Rainwater tanks in Sydney gives information and tips for people considering buying a rainwater tank in Sydney. Our number 1 tip: if you are going to buy a rainwater tank, get a big one!

Our page on Sydney's water restrictions discusses the current water restrictions and probable next-stage water restrictions.

Our page on Home watering systems in Sydney discusses options for watering your home garden in Sydney legally and effectively and where to buy it. We have an extensive irrigation system at our place that uses rainwater from our 9000 litre tank (and Sydney water where legal and appropriate) to water our garden. You may not want to go quite this far, but still want to do the best you can in keeping your garden alive, while reducing your usage of Sydney water (and staying legal).

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